Welcome to Match Girl Ltd The Greeting Card Specialists


Welcome to Match Girl Ltd The Greeting Card Specialists


We are a family business of publishers and wholesale distributors of greeting cards and ancillary lines in Ireland. Founded in 1981 we have over 40 years of experience and our knowledge of the market allows us to produce and source exclusive designs ideal for the Irish marketplace. We operate across the price spectrum of value to high end, placing an equal emphasis on both to cater for our individual customer’s needs.

Our ranges are produced to the highest quality and along with our complementary products we offer our customers exclusive designs at the best prices available.

We have a skilled sales and merchandising team operating nationally and in Northern Ireland.

In addition to greeting cards our product range includes gift bags, wrapping paper, social stationary and a wide selection of party ware. We supply spinner stands and FSDU’s for card displays.

Everyday Cards

We manufacture and supply a huge range of cards for all occasions. Our everyday ranges include birthday, family relations, juvenille and adult ages, wedding/ anniversaries, baby and occasions amongst others. All ranges are available across numerous codes and sizes to suit your exact needs.

Seasonal Cards

We also supply a full range for Christmas and Spring Season occasions including Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Pre-signed Sympathy Cards, Communion, Confirmation, Patricks Day, Easter and Exams, to mention a few.

Card Fixtures

We supply a tailored solution to your card fixture needs including Spinner Stands, FSDU and CDU stands, wall mounted and fixed displays, to the highest standards.

Value Spinner

Our spinner value stands are very popular and provide an ideal option to best display a value card offering.

Trade Sales

As the largest wholesale supplier of greeting cards in Ireland we are expert in meeting our customers needs and innovative in helping our customers drive sales.